Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary

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Recently I have seen ‘’The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’’-a clever ,entertaining

and fast paced dramatization based upon the timeless and exciting L.

Frank Baum classic adventure story of young Dorothy who finds herself lost

in the strange and magical Land of Oz.

The play was performed by eight actors(four women and four men) who

played twenty plus principal characters(I discovered in premiere that a

woman can play the Wizard).

The length of the play was by seventy-eighty minutes.

The play was played on the forestage , with curtain closed and houselights

brought partly down, to maintain awareness that there was a theatre and

the audience itself to be in that place. Overture music fades under , but

stays as Frank Baum enters down an aisle carrying his book, talking quietly

and naturally as he walks, to ushers and nearby audience members. He

was completely direct, unpretentions,real.

Young Dorothy Gale finds herself whisked away to the magical Land of Oz

by a Kansa cyclone. Wearing the magic ruby slippers, and under the kindly

protection of the Good Witch of the North, Dorothy sets out to ask the

Wonderful Wizard for advice. On the way, she finds both adventure and

friends:the Cavardly Lion who thinks he needs courage, the Scarecrow who

thinks he desperately yearns for warm heart.
During her journey Dorothy also encounters a few obstacles, one of which

is the dreaded Wicked Wick of the West.

The plot thickens when Dorothy and her three friends agree to help the

Wizard foil the Witch of West in exchange for brains, courage, a mew heart,

and a trip home to Kansas.

After another long journey and further adventures Dorothy and her friends

boldly and bravely succeed in their mission by drawing upon their own

resources. In doing so they triumphantly find the courage , the brains, the

heart and the home for...

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