Team's Primary Style

Team's Primary Style

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Continuity is a word that best describes the components necessary to have a successful team. Each member of the must use his or her strengths to form an organized unit. During this essay we will demonstrate the personality strengths and weaknesses of each team member and show how we will use these attributes to ensure the success of our learning team. Tanya the interactive, Byron the cautious, and Cyndy the helper have enough similar personality traits and enough diversity within our personalities to create a strong cohesive team.

Tanya’s Assessment

According to The Disc Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment, Tanya’s behavioral style is predominantly an interactive style with a sub-style the “Impresser.” Interactive styles are fast-paced and people-focused. The primary strengths of the interactive style are their enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and delightful sociability. They have the ability to get others caught up in their dreams because of their good persuasive skills. They influence others and shape their environment by bring others into alliance to accomplish results. They see winning as an “all or nothing” proposition; however, they do not want to win at any cost or hurt other’s feelings. Interactive style tends to worker harder when bigger risk or rewards are at stake and the want to get the job done the “best way”.

Tanya‘s ability to work hard when the stakes are high and her ability to bring others together to accomplish a common goal will be a positive force for our team. Although Tanya sees winning as an “all or nothing “proposition, she is still able to draw if winning will cost or hurt other’s feeling.

Byron’s Self Analysis

The DISC Platinum Rule’s Steadiness (S) style best describe my behavioral style. Evident by my background in the hospitality industry, I believe I am a warm, supportive, and out-going people oriented person. I have close friends, I...

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