Team Character Analysis

Team Character Analysis

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Team Charter Analysis

Team Dynamics and Structure
Team dynamics are influenced by several factors, such as team operation, identity, organization, and the varying mix of individuals within the team. The initial steps that were taken in order to successfully determine what kind of personalities where encompassed in this group, involved the administration of the Jungian Personality Type Test which gauges the team member’s individual personality traits and provides deeper insight into the overall group dynamic.
Once the test was successfully taken, each team member provided their individual self- assessments that included the Jungian Personality Type Test, in addition to other applicable measurements of trusts and listening skills. The team members were given the opportunity to review their individual results in an effort to get to know each other personally and professionally. A brief discussion regarding the results indicated that all members trust issues with regard to other individuals and need to improve their overall listening skills. In addition, the Jungian Personality Type Test results yielded varying results with two team members sharing the ENTJ personality, while the remaining three members consisted of one ENTP, ISFJ, and ESFJ personality types. Based on the results of these tests and applications, our team created a charter that established the goals and objectives of the group as a whole, as well as those of each individual member, and how these goals could be achieved in our team dynamic.

Team Member Personalities Types and Roles
Given the diverse background, skill set, and personality types of this group, we chose to focus on various methods to take full advantage of the overall effectiveness of the team and our production. This could only be accomplished through the designation of assignments to different team members based on their \skills and personality traits.
Two of our team members have been classified as ENTJ personality...

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