Team Charter to Improve Performance

Team Charter to Improve Performance

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Team Charter to Improve Performance
Liliana Pacheco
University of Phoenix
MGT 521
Mike Yesner
November 10, 2008

Team charter to improve performance
All teams are created to work as group, to collaborate each other to handle and resolve by providing possible solutions to a specific task. It is very common, teams spend too much time trying to identify the task and getting organized to start working. For this reason, a team charter should be crated. It provides the idea where, how and the direction to take to initiate working on the project that has been assigned.
I had the opportunity to work as a team member of team A in my Management 521 class. It was the first time working on an online team and I have to say it was a very good experience. Each of us worked on our own personal’s assignments and submitted them on time. We also all provided support and collaboration to each other, providing ideas and being respectful. Even though I could not meet on the time the majority of the team members agreed, I was able to keep tracking of the work done since my team was very clear and summarize the goals accomplished in every meeting. Thus, I had information enough to provide my ideas and post my proposals. Unfortunately, one of our team members had some issues interfering with her school goals and she could not submit her personal assignment on time. Thus, she posted a rude message. Even that it was the first time working as a team; we were able to handle this tough situation and one of us mediate on the misunderstanding.
There are some individual differences in our team. In order to improve team performance, individual tasks will be assigned based on each person skills, trying to keep each team member motivated, applying our learning team goals, ground rules and at the same time avoiding potential barriers that can affect goal achievements. As an individual team member I will try...

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