Team Communication - Analysis 2

Team Communication - Analysis 2

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Team Communication

Jonise Holliday

University Of Phoenix

Team communication plays a vital role in online classrooms. Team communication is characterized by the amount of time we communicate with each other, what we communicate about, and being able to put everyone’s ideas together. We have to be able to plan, priortorize, and analyze as a team to ensure the job is done. Some challenges that you might run into working as a team may include time conflicts, lack of communication, one person trying to rule the team, and one not doing their part. Their will be challenges in everyone’s daily activities, but this is something that we can control, we just have to make sure we do what is required to succeed as a team.

“Teams are unlikely to thrive if not given adequate organizational support. This may once again necessitate different ways of thinking,”( Stott, K and Walker, 1994.)
Communication is Important & Necessary in a team you are working towards the same goal. You need to define and ensure that the goal is shared by all members. If there are questions/ issues about the goal those need to be resolved quickly in order for the team to move forward. A team needs to have a sense of power, power gives members sense of belongings and dedication. A team needs to make sure they can openly communicate amongst each other. When working with a team some steps you should take to be successful are be accurate, honest, logical, complete, concise, relevant, ask for feedback and include fact and details to avoid being vague. You need to make sure you audience understands, this is essential in moving forward. Some members of the team may need to be motivated more to feel comfortable with the team. We have to find ways to motivate these team members, probe to find out what interests them and use that as an advantage.

Poor communication can lead to wasted time, lack of trust, misunderstandings, deadlines not being met, and failure. Everyone needs to be...

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