Team Management Program

Team Management Program

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Career and Team Management Plan

A powerful team normally brings outstanding results to any organization. To build a strong and committed team is essential to have a good career and team management plan.

The career and team management plan for the employees does not need to be complicated. It can be simple yet effective by taking into account the employee’s career interests and needs, their knowledge, skills and their work-life-balance needs. The purpose is to help them to improve their skills and prepare them for higher responsibilities. In addition, it is extremely important to set an engagement between team members and company.

Create Terms of Engagement

In order to build a motivated team, a mission statement will created based on the company mission, vision and its strategic directions. An efficient team should set up terms of engagement such as: Respect to Other, Commitment and Decision Making. These terms will support the team members to be focus on the mission and carry them in difficult times.

Understand Individuals’ Motivations and Help Them Reach a Higher Level of Performance

Everyone’s retention will be different. It will depend on each team member’s effort to achieve the team’s goal. The leader will empower employees to develop their strengths and help them to work with their weakness for a personal and professional growth.

Communicate Effectively with a Diverse Group

Professional and effective team must communicate constructively and directly to avoid gossips. Everyone should be able to express their thoughts and feeling with no fear to be disrespect. Each team member will be handle conform his/her traits. Definitely, culture background will be considered important tool to approach any conversation.

Reward Achievement

Any achievements in the team should be noted and celebrated to encourage the consistent development of the team. Reward does not necessarily have to be a monetary. However, it is important that all...

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