Team meeting

Team meeting

 JOZETTE Hemphill

The Value of teams

1) In what kind of teams have you participated?

Over the years, I have participated in several types of teams/groups listed in the text. I like everyone living is a part of the primary group; which is supposed to provide love, provision and acceptance for the most part. Other groups or teams in which I participated in are social, self-help, learning, service and work teams/groups. My family I would have to say is my primary group we are always there for one another and we help to lend a hand.

2) How is communication in a team different from one-on-one communication, according to the text?

According to the text, communication within a team differs from one-on-one communication by the increased interaction that happens within the group/team versus the one-on-one conversation. Within a team, the mindsets and ideas of the masses are explored and clarified; there is more interaction. Whereas, in one-on-one conversation is a simply back and forth discussion.

3) What are some advantages of teamwork? What are some disadvantages? Be specific.

Some advantages of teamwork are the compiling of diverse experiences, information, and or talents. This breeds higher productivity and creativity. Some disadvantages include the “battle” of control within the group, cultural backgrounds and experiences. In the case of battling for control, members are putting their individual goals, such as being the leader, over the common goal (creating a successful team) of the group.

4) Identify and describe the stages of team development

Team development consists of five stages: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. In the forming stage, members of the group come together and try to politely communicate their desires and needs within group. Also in the forming stage the challenge is balancing personal and group objectives. In the storming stage, members...

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