Team Satera

Team Satera

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The following report will provide an analysis and assessment for Imatron Systems, Inc. (ISI) who are developing a satellite camera to monitor environmental threats with a contract received from the U.S. government. The Remote Imaging Division (RID) of Imatron is charged of developing this system and has formed a team to develop this system. This project is of extreme importance to the RID division in that it will provide future technology and profitability stability for Imatron in the future. The project is on a timeline to meet the target requirements set forth in the contract and contains penalties in payments should the project not meet those deadlines.

More specifically this report will focus on three individuals to be named in the following pages that are assigned to develop the system and detail the dysfunctional dynamics that is taking place. The three key individuals identified within the team are hindering the development, which could possibly derail the project. This report will highlight what dysfunctions are taking place, an assessment of personality styles and interpersonal relationships which is contributing to the inadequacies of the project. Personalities, work styles and group dynamics will be assessed of the key players within this group and will be analyzed to explain what, if any might be contributing to the situation. These will be based on the reading provided and on concepts relating to work-place teams and relations.
Also included in this report will be several recommendations for collaboration of the key parties involved. The recommendations should also help set the tone for the overall group function on the project.

Situational Overview
Upon receiving the contract to develop the new satellite camera, ISI formed a team to develop and implement the Satera System. The team consisted of seven individuals that worked solely on the project. All seven are highly intelligent, educated and experienced engineers who have worked in group...

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