Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy

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Tear of joy

Once upon a time their was a dog named Phil. His whole world that he live in was not filled with grass, trees, and life. But just a Barron flat ground of dirt. For miles on end. With only coconut to eat. With the exception of the one lonely coco nut tree. It rained once a week. Phil was very dehydrated and malnourished by the end of the week. Once day Pill began to cry, for food and water. When the tears fell from his nose, onto the baron soil life began to grow. Phil had never cried before, this is the greatest discovery Phil has ever made.

Phil began to weep from the joys of the tears that brought life to his baron world. His tears brought grass, big trees, large lakes and some new wildlife. Phil had a gift from his saddens to create greatness upon his home land. Phil never cried again after that day. Phil started to make friends with a bore named Steve. Steve was neither a normal animal either. On day Phil and Steve were playing catch with a ten pound rock. Phil threw the rock a little to hard, hitting Steve in the liver, Steve began to tear up and cry. When Steve’s tears hit the newly grown grass, everything began to die. The land returned back to the baron death valley it once was. Phil was so sad that his newly grown land was already back to a baron dirt land again!
Phil began to start crying again When his tears hit the ground once again, life began to sprout. So Phil was so happy he ran and jumped straight into the lake that had just formed fairly close to him. So Phil told Steve if he ever cried again he was going to have to kill him. By dropping a ten pound rock on his head. So the bore Steve promised to never to cry again, if he did they had permission to slaughter him. So the moral of the Origin Myth is that the gift of life can go just as easy as it came.

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