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Chris Posey


10 Feb 2007

6th period

Who hasn’t teased a sibling? Or been that new guy on the job that had to clean up after everybody else. Is one not going to play sports because they have to pick up cups or equipment or get water for the older upperclassmen (Joseph)? Is it right maybe, maybe not .is it embarrassing depends on your attitude. Great attitude well its great fun poor attitude well its not. Most football players cut off their hair before spring practice. What makes it hazing if you do it as a team or by your self? And another thing you never hear about fun hazing just the extreme cases.
The most important thing about being on s team is team work and comradery. Fun hazing is bonding. A study done by Alfred University in 2000 said 48% of the people had been hazed. (Wheat). If 20% are in activities that’s 10million people. 43%said that it was embarrassing when 48%said it was fun when 44% said they did it to fell closer to the group (wheat). Strong numbers to support my bonding argument. Everyone wants to talk about how bad hazing is. Why be so negative? Extreme hazing is rarer than fun hazing. Seventy people have died in collage related hazing in the last 20 years (by). Nowhere could I find a high school related death. Forty states have laws against hazing, but most laws are weak and vaguely written. If hazing was supervised like pep rally and made in to a game how it could get out of control with all that adult supervision. The definition of hazing is some thing humiliating, and embarrassing.
Yes, people have died from hazing but the numbers are small. I found sixty deaths in three years and I stopped looking. If somebody’s actions causes the team to lose he is probably embarrassed hurt and very angry with him self even though his team mates tell him it’s ok. There is nothing wrong with hazing. I mean should the government make laws to stop athletics or organized groups because somebody could get there feelings hurt....