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The Particularity of Water and its Differentiation to Other Liquids
By Mohammad Zaman
Faria Arshad
Navdeesh Atwal
Pa Vang
Cosumnes River College

Water is a resource that every living thing needs. My group did multiple experiments that were designed to show the uniqueness of water compared to other liquids. The first experiment is to compare the solubility of the solutes in water and two other solvents. To do this, my group put each solute separately in each solvent separately, mixed the mixture, observed and recorded our findings. We hypothesized that if water is different from the other liquids, then the solubility for water will be different than the other two solutions. The second experiment is to compare the heat capacity of the water and two other solutions in Styrofoam cups when three heated metal balls are inserted separately in three separate Styrofoam cups each filled with a different liquid and each of the temperatures are recorded using a thermometer every fifteen seconds for two minutes. Heat capacity is amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a body by one degree Celsius (Scott, 2013, 45). My group hypothesized that if water has the highest heat capacity, then it would have the least amount of temperature change. The last experiment is to compare the cohesive property of water and alcohol by inserting three glass tubes with different diameters in water and alcohol separately to observe how high the liquids went up the tube and when removing the glass tube from the liquid, how much liquid was left over in the tube. We hypothesized that if water is more cohesive than alcohol, it will have a bigger length in the tubes compared to the alcohol and have more liquid left in the tube when removed from the water than the alcohol.

Methods: Solvent Abilities
Before beginning the experiment, we had cleaned four 50-mL beakers with warm water, then cold water, and finally deionized water with a cleaning...

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