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´╗┐Collaborative Workflow Management with Alerts:
An Integrated Retailing System for Garments Brands

Donald S.F. Wong1and Dickson K.W. Chiu1,2, Senior Member, IEEE
1Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2Dickson Computer Systems, 7 Victory Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong


The Internet is now becoming ubiquitous and almost every famous garments brand has its own websites. However, most of them just use their webpage to display their brand name and corporation contact, with few or no retail functions. On the other hand, in order to combine the advantages of electronics retailing and traditional retailing, this paper presents an Integrated Retailing System (IRS) that combines physical retail shops, online shops, and backend sales support. We employ alerts as the key mechanism for integrating and managing the collaborative workflows, particularly for the consultation interaction between the salespersons and customers. Throughout the paper, we demonstrate how the integrated system achieves faster and high-quality services to the customers, through adequate process monitoring with the alert mechanism.
1. Introduction
Most of the famous garments brands in Hong Kong are using traditional strategies for retailing, which is by opening retail shops in prime business areas to attract customers in the street. In this traditional strategy, the salespersons are the main business facilitators in the retail shops. They act as the information sources of the products, customer consultant, and the frontline promoter. However, this requires a high operating cost to maintain the shops and the quality of the salespersons are very important to the corporation.
With the popularity of the Internet, many garments brands also create their own website to demonstrate their technological advancements. At first, websites are used to display the brands name and act as corporation contact points,...

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