Technical Definition

Technical Definition

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Extended Technical Definition of Ethics

Ethics is of high importance when referring to the workplace. In a business environment, both employers and employees have a greater obligation to perform their job ethically; this is the foundation for a suitable, working environment. To do this successfully, individuals must have a clear understanding of what ethics means. Ethics is to have and utilize one’s moral values to know right from wrong. From this definition, it can be suggested that ethics, as it pertains to business, is how a business handles controversial issues and their interactions with the public. This document will inform readers pursuing a career in business; it will offer further details to expand upon the importance of ethics in the workplace.

Word Origin

Ethics stems from the Greek word ethos meaning ‘character’. The Greeks used this word to describe the beliefs and ideas that characterized a community as a whole. Business ethics has been a general term among the professional world since the early 1970’s, particularly in academic writings and teachings. It became more widely known and practiced during the 1980’s as a result of business scandals such as bribes and deceptive advertising. By the 1990’s, unsafe work practices in third world countries questioned the ethics of Americans. Ethics is a commonly used word in the business world. In regards to today’s business world, the following are areas where ethical dilemmas may arise:

• Confidentiality issues
• Financial negligence
• International fraud

Workplace confidentiality maintains the integrity of confidential and private information. Financial negligence can come from bad advice or can be as simple as giving friends and family a discount when not authorized to do so. International fraud can be in the form of offshore investments, and scams. Fraud can occur over the internet, telephone or even fax. These topics can be further researched to offer additional insight about the...

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