Technical Writing

Technical Writing

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Table of Contents
Capstone Proposal Summary 1
Rationale and Systems Analysis 1
Virtualization Platform Selection 4
Review of Other Work (Proof of Concept) 5
Short-Term Current Goals and Objectives (2009) 6
Required Hardware and Software 6
Associated Short-Term Cost Estimate 8
Mid-Term Future Goals and Objectives (2010) 9
Required Hardware and Software 9
Associated Mid-Term Cost Estimate 10
Long-Term Future Goals and Objectives (2010 – 2011) 12
Required Hardware and Software 12
Associated Cost Estimate 13
Project Plan and Timelines 14
Project Development 17
References 17
Appendix 1: Competency Matrix 18
Appendix 2: TCO / ROI Estimates 19
Executive TCO/ROI Summary 19
TCO / ROI Results 19
Infrastructure Optimization Solutions 21
Appendix 3: VMWare Business Continuity ROI 28

Capstone Proposal Summary
The scope of this project is to implement a scalable server virtualization environment for Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union. The goal is to reduce hardware costs, administrative overhead, operating costs, and server sprawl. Other objectives are to increase our scalability in the server environment, consolidate hardware, decrease the turnaround time and costs for bringing up new services (applications and servers), and improve our ability to recover from localized disasters or server failures.

Another additional goal is to provide for application and server upgrade testing and development environments.
Rationale and Systems Analysis
Virtualizing will allow us to get more out of our existing resources by pooling common infrastructure resources and breaking the legacy “one application to one server” model with server consolidation. Many of our datacenter servers are not highly utilized, and are excellent candidates for virtualization.

It will also allow us to reduce datacenter costs by reducing our physical infrastructure and improving our server to admin ratio. Better centralized management tools and server consolidation will let us...

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