Techno Effects

Techno Effects

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Nuclear Medicine

February 10, 2011

The technology in its cultural context, media influences.

Controversy Surrounding Nuclear Medicine
Medicine has always been a subject of common interest to people and the media. Since the age of technology, the medical world now has even more exposure by way of internet publications, blogs, television shows and every other form of media. Nuclear medicine, just like the media, shares a relationship that directly impacts the operation of today’s healthcare system. There are unique problems surrounding the intense and continuous debate regarding specific procedures in nuclear medicine. Some of those concerns include the high cost of nuclear power plants, nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism, and moreover, radioactive waste disposal.
Nuclear mining, which produces a huge volume of low-level waste in the form of radioactive contamination, can be found on exposed items like hand tools, clothing, water purifier risens, and the material the reactor itself is built from. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has repeatedly allowed low-level contaminated material to be handled and disposed of as though they were normal waste products. The argument here stimulates from community activist who are in outraged because these by-products end up in area landfills or they are being recycled into other items and sold to consumers.
The field of nuclear medicine is a vast one, with an extensive range of studies expanding across nearly all aspects of medicine. Research and education is very important for a fast growing occupation like nuclear medicine. It should be important for all governments to consider educational aspects of the technology in there schools. In some countries, nuclear medicine is either not taught in the medical schools or is taught as part of imaging and radiology or as an optional subject. There is also a growing need for the availability of modern medical equipment like PET or PET/CT scanners. ( )

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