Technological Advancements in the Business World

Technological Advancements in the Business World

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Technology advancements provides instant communication in the business world. With the company I work for you can instantly view any changes in schedules for the day using their website. Employees must know how to maneuver through the website.
Businesses keep up with the most current electronic tools. This does cause more expense to keep employees trained on the new software or hardware. Some employees do not like change and are not excited about new software. An example of some of the workplace devices that improve productivity are wikis, social-networking tools, portable media players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and telepresences.
Communication is the focus on quality and customers’ needs. Businesses need to listen to what customers really want so that customer service can be improved. When a business has great customer service, business performance increases.
The number of businesses keep growing and so do the number of entrepreneurships. Entrepreneurs handle communications in companies with the hiring, training, motivating and evaluating employees. They also make presentations and market the product or service.
Another trend in companies is using teams to get work done. Teams consist of workers from different backgrounds and other sources of diversity. Teamwork brings people together who have different jobs and this results in problems being solved and decisions made. For instance, a team is produced to develop a website. One who develops the website, a person who verifies the information to be entered into the website, and another who enters the information for employees or customers to use. Success depends on using the brains and commitment from each member of the team.

More companies are going outside the company for products and services that once their employees produced. This is called Outsourcing. International Communication is a must for outsourcing to work.

Legal and ethical issues are a big concern...

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