Technologies: Telecommunications

Technologies: Telecommunications

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This is certification that D.M.J.B.Dissanayake has successfully completed his basic industrial training at Huawei Technologies Lanka Co (Limited) from 05th January 2009 to 04th July 2009.

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Telecommunications is one of the important and rapidly developing technologies, and it has seen so many great inventions over the past fifty years. Perhaps one specific and highly visible example of the recent change in the telecommunication has been the rapid growth in mobility, for both business and residential use, and its potential extension from speech into mobile internet and related data application.

From its humble beginning with the telegraph, Telecommunication with the use of electricity has come a long way. Physical distance is conquered instantly, and any telephone in the world can be reached through vast communication networks that span oceans and continents.. Changes are taking place in telecommunication transport networks, from a hierarchical digital architecture to the possibility of an all optical network for meeting the ever-changing needs of a global multiservice communication system.

There is no reason to doubt that this success will be diminished now or in the foreseeable future.

This report is the result of my Industrial Training, carried out at Huawei Technologies Lanka (Private) Limited from 05th January 2009 to 04th July 2009.

This report has been compiled as a result of the knowledge and experience gathered during the in-plant training period that I spent at Huawei Technologies Lanka (Private) Limited.

National Diploma in Engineering Sciences,
Institute of...

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