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I have been trying to learn how it is to really promote a site. I am a Marketing graduate myself but I am now working in a publication company with various responsibilities in my home office.

When you say "Marketing" it means performing different strategies and processes which involves promoting and selling and distributing a product or service. That applies to the real outside world and the real computer/internet world.

In the olden days, we used to do barter or just an exchange of goods for whatever necessities we have. There was no money involved and every possession of whatever things we have are so valuable because you can eat in exchange of clothes. You can move from one place to the other by a vehicle if you have your gold or jewelry to stay for a night in a room.

That was until we learned to create a small piece of thing called "coin" or "paper money" to buy things. The value of that small thing can now buy whatever you can think of. And so we all want them of course. We want to buy but there are several sellers with the same brand or kind that we want or need. How are you going to choose among them?

Marketing was already alive even in the past. It's a free market as what they say. You can just find yourself sometimes buying something which you really didn't know its use. You sometimes feel that the goods that you bought was more than what you were supposed to spend. That is part of marketing. With the beautiful presentation in the shop and the warm invitation of the seller, you already got caught. That's how a vendor can earn and apply the best skills that she/he have. Some talking and great presentation of the goods, in one click the person who just happens to pass by the stall is already holding on the item that she thought was a great one. So sometimes to avoid that inevitable buying, some people don't just go out and stay at home watch tv or play video games.

And so the technology did not stop from selling as they came to this idea of...

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