Technology Advancement in Food Texturing Agents Market, 2015 – 2025 by Future Market Insights

Technology Advancement in Food Texturing Agents Market, 2015 – 2025 by Future Market Insights

Global Food Texturing
Agents Market
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Report Description
Food Texturing agents are food additives which are chemical substances, basically used to
change the texture or mouthfeel of the food by providing it with the characteristics such as
creaminess, thickness and viscosity. They also play a key role in increasing shelf life of the
product by giving it a stable structure. Main texturing agents include Emulsifiers, stabilisers,
phosphates and dough conditioners.
Texturing agents are majorly used in industries like Dairy & Frozen food, Baker Items,
Snacks & Savory, Beverages and Meat & Poultry products.
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The global market of Food Texturing agents is moving up the ladder attributing to the
growing preferences of customers towards consuming low-fat food, increased innovation in
the food processing industries such as bakery, dairy, confectionery, convenience foods etc.
Segmentation of Global Market of Texturing Agents
Segmentation on basis of functionality:
Depending on the functionality, texturing agents are classified as Emulsifiers, Phosphates,
Stabilisers and Dough Conditioners.
Emulsifiers are used in food products where there is a need to allow flavours and oils to
disperse through the food items. These type of texturing agents prevent deterioration and
evaporation of volatile flavoured oils.

Report Description
Phosphates are used as texturing agents to modify the texture of food products containing
protein and starch, as the phosphates react with the protein or starch contents of these
products to bring upon a change in water holding capacity of the constituent components.
Stabilisers, such as natural gum, are...

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