Technology and the Effect on Kids

Technology and the Effect on Kids

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Running head: The Effects of Technology on Kids 1

The Effects of Technology on Kids
Isaac Sine
Marist College

The Effects of Technology on Kids 2
This paper explores the publication of three articles and a book and the results from research on the effects technology such as computers, video games, television and cellular phones on a young child. The articles explore various reports of different races and sexes of children that use technology and the rapid incline in the time spent with technology. Even possible results of excess use of technology came about in an article from (Easterbrook, 2006) stating overindulgence in television may cause autism in a young developing mind. This paper examines the research from Nevid, Easterbrook, and the Kaiser Family Foundation to how technology affects children both positively and negatively.

The Effects of Technology on Kids 3
There are many positive effects of the technological boom happening in our society today, such as a device like the cellular phone now has applications including Internet access and video gaming. Another example of great technology is the high definition televisions and video game systems that allow viewers to see details and intricate designs crystal clear. Also the high demand of cellular phone productivity has increased the security and communication of cell phone users everywhere across the globe. Though the effects aforementioned are incredible, a child does not view these technological advances the same way as an adult may. Therefore, the effects of technology on children tend to be more negative mainly because of excessive use.
Television has become a necessity in every...

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