Technology Development of Sand Maker Has A Great Worth

Technology Development of Sand Maker Has A Great Worth

Today, with the economic development of China, level of sand making production line is improving constantly. Economic development makes development of related industries such as construction, mining and water conservancy continuous. Sand making production line as the commonly seen sand making equipment can be widely applied in various industries, which is deeply favored by customers.

Modern concrete technical requirements for sand are also increasing, especially high strength grade and high-performance concrete is very strict on aggregate. With more and more demand for natural sand, increasingly demanding higher quality, etc., which raise the quality problem of project, destruction of farmland, water resources problem become increasingly serious. So to find an alternative to natural sand resources is imminent.

As sand making technology continues to mature, and compared with natural sand, manufactured sand has stable quality, particle with reasonable level and other features. Manufactured sand has a higher surface energy and hydrophilicity; a complete gradation; a variety of minerals; particle size distribution and stability, adjustable; grain shape can be improved, etc., making manufactured sand as an frist choice alternative for natural sand.

Fote Machinery studied sand making for many years, developed a new VI Sand Maker, VC energy-efficient sand maker and other high-tech sand making equipment, laid a good foundation to promote the use of manufactured sand.

Currently, the new Fote Machinery VI Sand maker and VC Sand maker are applied across the country, and widely applied to construction, water conservancy and hydropower, transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Fote Machinery sand washing machine, vibrating screen, cone crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher can also be supporting the use of the sand maker. Combination of a high efficiency, large crushing ratio, product specification excellent sand and gravel production line....

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