Technology of Policing

Technology of Policing

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Topic: Hard technology in policing.

I. Introduction
A. Discussion of hard technologies to be reviewed
B. Opinion of technology
C. Include quote about policing and its hard technology

II. Improved Police Protection Devices
A. Vests and cars are frequently used to protect police officers.
B. Soft body armor
C. Hard body armor

III. Improved/New Weapons
A. A switch from lethal to less-lethal use-of-force devices
B. Chemical agents
C. Rubber pellets, beanbags, standard 12 gauge shotgun ammunition
D. Tasers

IV. Computers in Squad Cars
A. Use of the Intranet
B. Intranet allows officers to see a list of people wanted for arrest and any threats to his or her safety.
C. Wireless technology gets information quicker to each officer.
D. Officers can also look at photos of possible offenders and check the last time each offender was arrested.
E. Stops the call in and wait routine many officers were forced to do.

V. Hands Free Patrol Car Control
A. “Project 54” overview.
B. Developers of the technology at UNH.
C. Where the technology is now being used.

VI. Conclusion
A. Opinion of Hard technology in policing.
B. The future of technology in policing.

Over the years, hard technology in policing has advanced significantly. These advances allow police officers to be better equipped to protect themselves in times of danger. The new technologies range from physical technologies such as improved bullet proof vests to hands free patrol car. In this paper, I will be discussing several different technologies that have secured the lives of all law enforcement.
The new technologies make life as a police officer safer, and less stressful. Police use many different hard technologies such as helmets and bullet proof vests for their protection. The vests protect officers from gun shot wounds caused by any offender. New weapons have also been introduced into the police force. Originally officer’s used a revolver, they now use auto pistols. Police have...

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