Technology Paper

Technology Paper

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E-learning and its effectiveness in Saudi Arabia ,13-1-2010.

KING ABDUL-AZIZ UNIVERSITY Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

CPIT 221



Class: CA

To Teacher : Ola Al-Shagran


E-learning and its effectiveness in Saudi Arabia ,13-1-2010.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. General Concept of E-learning. History of E-learning Need of E-learning In Saudi Arabia E-learning in Saudi Arabia E-learning Around The World The Effects of E-learning On Saudi Students Obstacles And Difficulties Faced By E-learning In Saudi Arabia


E-learning and its effectiveness in Saudi Arabia ,13-1-2010.

ABSTRACT: We divided our paper into 7 sections, we studied the material from different points; historical, theoretical and even we collected actual responses of Saudi learners about E-learning as for the historical part which constitute the first section in our paper we discussed the idea in general and in a specific way in Saudi Arabia, we included the development of E-learning throw different decades. While for the first three sections we examined the different types of E-learning, the needs and the disagreement with the idea, also we examined the effects of Elearning in Saudi learners. In the last part we talked about the obstacles for E-learning from different points, and...

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