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Noor Mohammed
English 90
Interview paper

At the history class I met a guy his name was Red. He is from America; he went to the military and traveled in many countries as a solder. And one of those countries that he visited was Iraq; which is my country. I chose this person because I found that it will be interesting learning from his experiences, also his opinions about my home country.

Red and I talked about his challenges that he went through, when he was in my country as a solder. He said many things that I did agree on; he also said many things about Iraq that I don’t agree on. I asked Red what age he went to Iraq. And he says he went in July 2004. In that time I was in Iraq. And then I asked him when did u leave Iraq? He said he left in November, 07, 2006 this is the same day that I left from Iraq! How interesting. And I kept asking him about his opinions about the Iraqi people, food, and culture, if he judged people or not before he meet them. It was a very interesting interview I have ever done.

From this interview, I learned that I shouldn’t judge people without actually living with them. I also learned to not listen to people who don’t know about a specific group, or country because most of the time those people will be ignorant and uneducated. I will tell this story to my children and my grandchildren to teach them what I learned from this man’s experience.

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