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Young people wise up
“What ah shame!” when the youth minister Hon. Emmeline Pierre could treat our young people with such disrespect. Our young people are our greatest resource. The NDC administration place youth people at the center of development.
The Hon. Emmeline Pierre uses the Imani programme to idolize herself. It is all about her and the NNP. She sees herself as the mother goddess of the youth in this country. She is always looking of an opportunity to be worship by other and these youth rallies is just for this process.
Young people do not be bamboozled the New Imani is not permanent job. The only thing new about the programme is regional certification. The programme which training programme will end and permanent jobs will have to seek by you. Once again the Imani programme is same ole foolishness; intentionally manipulating ambitious nationals into idolizing a minister. Young people wise up.
The Goddess do not care about young people if she cared she will move out of the house in WesterHall Point and go back home among her people. Shame, Shame, Shame on you!

The Quest for Power

If you harbor any doubt about the power of Peter David now that he appears quite take that out of your mine. The appointment of Derrick James, Ashley “Ram” Folks, Karl “Crazy” Hood, Hamlet “ The “Henchman” Mark, Toro and other recent appointees by the NNP is all Peter Charles David doing.
All Green people should be shaking in their boots ask Glenis Roberts she go tell you better. NDC supporter had the courage the kick him out of the party we do not think that NNP will be that lucky. The “Crazy Baldhead” like to insight thing and say “not me Peter David” ask Joe Gilbert he go tell you better. It is also understood that a certain PS in the cabinet is very loyal to him and his cause. Peter David is not to be trusted.
Peter David has his eye set on leader of a political party it will not be one he created but one that he will take. This is how...

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