Just Technology

Did you ever have to yell at anyone to put their phone away at dinner? Has a teen you know been bullied or hurt over a social networking site? In schools around the nation teens are prohibited to use their cell phones in school and that is rightfully so. Cell phones and social networking are ruining the minds of youth around the country. Every student should spend less time on his or her cell phone and social networking pages because teens will be better behaved, spend more time with the family, their grades will improve, and there will be less bullying.

“You failed this marking period Johnny! Say good-bye to your cell phone until those grades come up!” This is what happens in homes around the country. Eighth grader Abigail Taylor says “Each night I spend more time on facebook than I do doing homework.” That is upsetting, everyday schoolwork goes out the door and is replaced by social networking and cell phones. If teenagers did not spend so much time on the computer and their cell phones they would have better grades. Furthermore, students would pay more attention in class because they won’t be texting notes back and forth which they think is just fine. On average 31 percent of seniors don’t graduate in the United States! Is this because of technology? Who knows, but because of cell phones and social networking school grades and graduates are going in a downward spiral.

The dinner table is one place where families are all together, but keeping everyone away from their cell phones is not an easy task. Every single parent gets upset up with their child every once in a while and most of the time is has to do with work not getting done or bad behavior, which can be caused by cell phones and social networking. For example, seventy-seven percent of teens have a cell phone and that means that seventy-seven percent of parents have to deal with their child spending less and less time with the family. On average a teen from age...

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