Ibrahim Elgebaly
Technology and Communications

In the current modern age, communication had been evolved in parallel with the introduction of fast developing technologies. Technology had altered the way; humans communicate and yet displayed various options to be picked on for communication purpose. Emails and social media are one of the platforms widely used in communication currently. There are various purposes in communication especially in business communication. It differs from request, conveying a company’s statement and also persuasive communication which link to marketing strategy. In order to convey the message appropriately to the intended parties, a relevant communication tool could be picked. Hence, few business communication situations will be discussed and a suitable communication tool will be analyzed in this paper.


In a business environment, there are request in terms of communication purpose being raised in order fulfill the job task or requirements. In order to ensure, that there were no hiccups occur during the fulfillment of the request, communication with usage of proper communication tool should be utilized in correct manner. For instance, a situation where a message need to be conveyed to technical support team stating that one of the employee’s computer that has been infected by virus. For this situation, the communication tool that is used should be fast and easily used to deliver the technical for troubleshooting purpose.

Hence, the effective way to communicate is via group messaging on social networking. The proposed platform will be “Whatsapp” (, 2015) since the application is convenient with the situation. With this application, a group may be created inclusive of technical support team. Then the concerns regarding virus infected computer on may be relayed to the team. Since the message is short and concise, it would easily understandable via the...

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