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1. Technology-Based Business Idea Blueprint

A technology-based business idea blueprint is a detailed written document that describes what a new product want to accomplish including detailed road map for converting ideas and vision into real, functioning, profitable and viable product.

2. Component of Blueprint

•Cover Page

•Table Of Contents

•The Body Of Business Blueprint

•Executive Summary

•Product Or Service Description

•Technology Description

•Market Analysis And Strategies

•Management Team

•Financial Estimates

•Project Milestones



1. Introduction

Cover Page : include the name of the company, its address, its phone number, the data, and contact information for the technopreneur.

Table of Content : a list of the sections, subsections, and any appendices, and the page numbers they can be found for easy reference


Executive Summary

It is a brief overview of what is to follow and helps put all the information into perspective that provides a busy reader with everything that needs to be known about the new venture’s distinctive nature

It is advisable to write the executive summary last when all the details of the blueprint are available.

Product Or Service Description

Describtion on detail the product or service including the application of the product or service, unique features of the product or service, highlight of differences of the product compared to the existing product in market.

State of development of the product or service and how much time and money will be required to fully develop, test, and introduce the product or service.

Technology Description

It s the description on the key technology related to the product or service which include :

-research & development and the intellectual property involved

-specialized knowledge and experience and skills involved