Teen Law

Teen Law

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It is crucial for today’s teens to be aware of the laws we most abide by. But is it difficult to do so when we do not have the proper information to do so. By taking this course in teen law I have learned about three very important laws that regulate the lives of us teens. Those three laws are: Freedom of expression, Discrimination based on age, sex, or race and the abuse of animal’s .These laws are not only important for teens but for society as a whole.

Is there freedom of expression in school? Many people believe so, but surprising although the first amendment says so our expression can be controlled. In the case of Hazelwood School District V. Kuhlmeier the students in a journalism class were writing an article about the impact of divorce. In the article were statements by a student saying her father was never home. The principal, however, did not allow the articles publication. He believed that the use of the girl’s name would offend her parents. The court ruled that the school could control what went into the newspaper. Which makes sense because profanity is censored from school and in some cases on TV. This is a type of restriction on our expression. Freedom of speech does not mean students can say whatever they want. It is carefully restricted to protect other students and it is the school that has the authority to enforce these restrictions.

Secondly, what about discrimination? Is it okay for someone to discriminate based on age, sex, or race? We are in fact discriminated based on age. You can’t smoke, drive or drink until a certain age. In the case of decimation against sex, it happens in the military. Only the men can enlist for the combat positions. In the case of race, the trial of Brown V. Board it declared that the separate but equal doctrine was unconstitutional. This means that you can’t discriminate based on race because we are all equal.

Lastly, what about animal rights? Most states prohibit the abuse of animals. Someone who abuses am...

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