Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy - too much responsibility too soon.

2. Copyright Notice and online access to your speech order

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3. Spelling Policy

As we email our speeches, toasts, poems etc. all around the world we use standard English spelling instead of the American version.
The standard English version uses the letter "S" instead of "Z" in many instances (personalise / personalize). Many other words ending in "our" end in "or" in the US e.g. "colour" is instead of "color".
Dates such as December 25 may be written as 25th of December.

4. Handy Hints for Persuasive & Informative Speeches

- Important. Cut out your selected speech or speeches and simply stick paragraphs on numbered cue cards for professional presentation. It's important to number the cue cards, if you were to drop the cards you could arrange them back in order a lot more quickly if they have been numbered.

- Practise your speech it will make you sound more confident. Why not record your speech and listen to it in the car? You'll hear your faults then and be able to correct them.

- Try to memorise the first few paragraphs so that you can speak directly
to the audience and catch their attention. Eye contact is very important.

- If you are using a microphone ensure that it is free-standing so that
your hands are free to move your cards. If you can, try to get the
opportunity to practice, even a few sentences of your speech, with the
microphone you will be using. It...

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