Teen Stress

Teen Stress

Hello my name is Zach Willard and this is my second consecutive year going to Silver Bay. I have enjoyed going each year.

Last year was my first year and I went because everyone was telling me how amazing it was and that I should definitely go. The Sunday when we arrived I felt weird since it was my first time there and I didn’t know what to expect. I also felt kind of out of place. I had no friends there and the rest of our group was all girls and my mother, but I quickly made friends.

This year I went back to Silver Bay because I was excited to see the friends that I had made last year. At Silver Bay the friends you have are different than the friends you have at home. The kids you meet and get to know in ONE week at Silver Bay makes you feel that you have known them for a lot longer. Being there for the week and doing everything together forms a sort bond that is unlike anything. When you are at Silver Bay the week flys by and whether you are hanging out, doing energizers, eating, sleeping, swimming, or spending time with your small group you really get to know the people you are with.

We found out that next year will be the final year for the Silver Bay Conference. When I first found out I was so surprised and sad that it would soon be over. Surprised because I really thought that I would just be able to go every year and I never thought that it wouldn’t be available. Sad because I look forward to going every year and I realized that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go as a counselor when I was older. Even though this will not happen Silver Bay is a place that is a fun and safe week and I will definitely be there next year if you have the chance you should be there too.

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