Teenagers - Summary 2

Teenagers - Summary 2

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Was it less difficult for a teenager 50 years ago? Some people nowadays may agree or disagree with the statement of "Life was easier for teenagers 50 years ago than it is for teenagers today.". In my opinion, this statement is true. The reason why I support this statement is because of some factors these days that teenagers tend to pay attention to the most. These factors include fashion, peer pressure, and also physical appearance.

Teenagers these days care much about fashion. From what I've observed, a teen is judged by the sense of clothing style. 50 years ago, there were not many clothing brands to choose from, but now in the 21st century, there is thousands of clothing brands that teenagers search for. From my assumptions, fashion wasn't somethinq much popular among teens unlike now. Teens now criticize others by what they wear. If it's not "cool" enough for them, they will most likely mock you or avoid contact with you.

Peer pressure is a big factor of being a teenager these days. Peer preesure was not a big issue until this century. Negative peer pressure now consists of many things such as smoking, drinking, or even a minor harmful misdemeanor. This makes being a teenager these days even more stressful than 50 years ago. Even though peer pressure has a positive side, this era of teenagers still struggle to demostrate the positive side unlike how it was 50 years ago.

Being a teenager this century is all about physical appearance. If you're too skinny, short, or just not similar looking to everyone else, you're not normal. I believe that this generation has added this feature. Therefore, they try their hardest to fix themselves to look like movie stars, models, and artists. This new feature has made it harder for teenagers to feel comfortable within themselves and among others.

In conclusion, these factors have made it challenging to be a teenager in the 21st century. From trying to fit in to becoming involved in negative peer pressure, these...

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