Teenagers Wasteland

Teenagers Wasteland

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Teenage Wasteland
“Drugs are easy to get use to, but hard to get out of it”

Are you a parent afraid your teenager may be at risk with drugs? Or do you already know your teen child has a problem with them? If yes, your not the only one in this situation, in a survey done to 30 MLSHS students, I found that almost 25% secondary students in MLSHS had tried marijuana at least once in their life, 7% had used it during the last month and these statistics are only about one of the many illegal drugs teens can be exposed to today. Teenagers today try doing drugs for many reasons, such as problems at home, stress at school, depression, peer pressure, or simply due to curiosity. However what many teens don’t know is how dangerous they really can be.

What many teenagers don’t realize when they try an illicit drug is how badly they may be affected by it. Many can end up hospitalized, being mentally or physically damaged for the rest of their lives. While many teens go unharmed, a lot of teens end up with an addiction or being dependant on these drugs and keep taking them without knowing they are creating problems socially, physically and psychologically. A 16 year old Perth girl is one teen who has been struggling with an addiction to the drug ‘ice’, otherwise known as Methamphetamine. She began smoking the drug, when some other girls in her grade asked her if she wanted to come try it with them after school one day. She quickly developed an addiction for the drug, and her single mother began noticing strange changes in her daughter such as random mood swings and strange sleeping patterns. Her group of friends had also changed and she became very secretive as to where she would be going and who with. Her mother finally realized about Sarah’s drug problem when she went into a coma due to the ice she had taken. Julie now has Sarah in therapy to help her get through her addiction. But her problem is only one out of the many other Australian teens in similar...

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