Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel-Aviv, Israel

My favorite city in the world is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the second largest city, and the most popular in Israel and it is the first Hebrew city in Israel. The city of Tel Aviv was established in 1909 .Tel Aviv lies on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and north west of Jerusalem.

First of all, I love Tel Aviv because it is a city of freedom. It is a city where you can escape from all religious, social, cultural and security issues that exist in Israel. There is a saying, that Tel Aviv residents “live in a bubble”. The reason for this saying is that they are in a way, disconnected from the reality in Israel. In Tel Aviv you can find different kinds of people, and you can express yourself in any way, and no one will judge you.

Second, I love Tel Aviv because it is a very beautiful city. There are a lot of beaches with white sand, beautiful parks, and historical places. For example, you can find the Independence Hall. The Independence Hall is the building where the first prime minister of Israel, Ben Gurion, declared the independence of the State of Israel in 1948.

Lastly I love Tel-Aviv is that the city is full of love, emotions, and energy. People feel safe, free, and that is why a lot of tourists come to Tel-Aviv to relax. You can find a lot of entertainment in Tel Aviv. For example “Nachalat Binyamin” is a pedestrian zone in central-southern Tel-Aviv. It hosts street bazaars on Tuesdays and Fridays every week. This is a great place to shop for holiday gifts, buy some crafts and to get into a "holiday everyday" spirit. Tel Aviv is also known as having a very active night life; its beaches, cafés, upscale shopping and secular lifestyle have made it a popular destination. Tel Aviv is the country's cultural capital and a major performing arts center.

In Conclusion, in my opinion Tel Aviv is the best city in the world. There you can find anything you are looking for, such as freedom,...

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