Television Is a Protection Against Reality

Television Is a Protection Against Reality

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Television is a protection against reality. Discuss


a) The purpose of this essay is to discuss the way in which television, the most important mass media, may be said to be, for some people, a protection against reality and how it has become an integral part of almost every home.
c) This essay points out, by identifying the causes of this social phenomenon, that television is used by some people as a paravan to protect themselves against reality. The viewers' response to some television exposure is analysed and assessed. Viewers of all ages and educational backgrounds tend to indulge in the virtual reality offered by television, using it as a protection against real life.
d) In the paragraphs to follow the impact of television on 2 target audiences (middle-aged women and children) is commented upon. The way in which television can be regarded and used as a protection against reality is explained and the negative aspects of this social trend are pinpointed.

Main idea nr 1

a) In the first place nowadays television tends to occupy more and more time in our every day life. Especially females tend to spend their free time in front of the TV.
b)Some middle-aged female viewers take refuge in the glamourised reality presented by some television productions, especially by long-running, addictive soap operas.
c) Statistically, television female audiences have increased, and ,for this target audience, the virtual reality presented on TV is likely to replace real life, leading to a feeling of false safety and contentedness. Besides, the fact that television tends to replace real life is obvious as such soap opera addicts may become isolated socially.
d) “Television has given an inestimable boost to what sociologists call "cocooning"-turning your back on the world to live in your own family space with the drewbridge up. It makes us think we know who people...

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