Television Shapes the Soul

Television Shapes the Soul

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1) Novak says that television can only handle a limited range of emotion because the viewer is limited by the time frame and is force to cover different range of emotions quiet quickly.

2) Yes, I agree with Novak point of view on this.

A typical example of this view is on the news report everyday: the viewer is not done celebrating the victory of his favorite let’s say sport team when the news about the deaf of his favorite star hit the screen, or a movie where all sort of emotions are cover all at once. It kind of presents the caractere’s whole life with all the emotions condensed in a time limited frame.

3) Education and criticism must take into account how television affects everyone by not denying the fact that it real. Our mind has been programmed somehow . Why this should be done? Because every subject will react differently depending on the amount of exposure he has with the television.

4) The numbered points allow me to move from one idea to another and separate on block of back up example and I think he chose to organize his essay this way to attract the reader’s attention on the specific points he is making.


1) I believe that television has shaped my soul because coming from a different culture (Africa) where I had so little been exposed to television I can tell that it really had change my way of thinking, acting, speaking, dealing with my emotions.
The way I view myself in relation to others people in my word especially my family back home in Africa is that there is a huge gap between us, that I have seen it all; that I know what to expect from whatever situation. It kind of annoying sometime and I wish that I can just stop thinking that way and listen.

2) -The Cosby show always make me think of the image of the perfect family, and I wished to have a perfect family just like the Hustamble’s but of course the reality is another story....

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