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Books are good source of communicating information, yet by watching television we are able to get the news while we are viewing it visually, furthermore, radio is a practical and portable device to get, to some extent, the same amount of information as we do with television or perhaps books. However, we can't overlook the fact that television as a visual medium is one of the most devices that have ever engrossed more viewers to it.

Television is the most common medium. Firstly, the majority especially younger generations are so much enticed by the wonders of the television evidently for the display of fashion shows and everyday trends. Secondly, it should be added television is the most entertaining device as it makes people relax. Finally, it gives people minute by minute updated news from all over the world.

Then, books are regarded as a leisure activity as well. First of all by reading we enrich our knowledge of the world and fill our head with whatever idea is expressed by the writer. Moreover, we can't say whatever mentioned in books are based on reality rather if we look at the bright side; we'd better say they detach us for a while from the outer world to an adventurous one so it causes us to become unwind for some time. Besides, it is recommended that we enhance our vocabulary knowledge and bring about a healthy addiction by encouraging more reading.

Further, radio is also a good medium of communication by sending and receiving signals. Most listeners of radio are elderly guys who are feeling a bind towards the radio which is dating them back to the days of the yore. Young generation not the majority of course are inclining to radio at their leisure time, especially at the end of the night listening to radio programs brings a kind of relaxation for them and soothes the mind. Small-sized radios are easily portable that people would like to carry it perhaps when go out for a picnic.

Books, radio, and television are massive advisable media...

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