telivison changed america

telivison changed america

Purpose statement
-The purpose to this speech is to show how television has influenced America.
I. Television has influenced America in many ways, from how we dress to politics
Television is a form of advertising for many company’s
Television even influences the economy
II. The television revolution
A. televisions popularity exploded in the 50’s
B. cable expansion
C. how lifestyles have changed
D. television advertising and it effect on the economy

I. televisions popularity exploded in the 50’s
A. by 1953 Americans had more television sets than bath tubs (watkin)
B. 5 million television sets sold each year (watkin)
` C. by 1955, 88 percent of all home had at least on television set, and watched an average of 4 to 5 hours a day (watkin)
II. Cable expansion
throughout the decades the number of channels have grew sharply
most of these new channels were for broad based audiences instead of offering programs devoted to specific interests
III. How lifestyles have changed
As televisions popularity as increased over the years so has the average person’s weight
The average worker watches 30 hours to television a week, the average child watches 40 to 60 hours of television a week, the average person above the worker watches 20 hour of television a week, CEOS watch 2-3 hours of television a week half of which is work related.

IV. Television advertising and it effect on the economy
in the 21 first century television is the most effective for of advertising
57.6 percent of all ads are over the television.
Many companies turn to television for advertisements


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