Tell-Tale heart

Tell-Tale heart

The narrator in the “Tell-Tale Heart” is insane. He kills an old man because his “vulture eye”. He stalked the old man for a over a week straight. And he could hear things like heartbeats. The narrator is mad!

He killed the old man because he did like the “vulture eye”. The narrator admits that he likes the old man, the only thing that made him kill the old man was his eye. In the story he says “I undid it so much that a single ray fell upon the eye”.

The narrator stalked the old man for an entire week and a day. Being a normal person, you will not stalk an old man for a whole week. He would sneak in his room and watch him. The last day he finnaly saw the old mans’ eye and killed him.

He heard sounds like heartbeats. He says that he has a disease that sharpens his senses. That proves that he is crazy. If you are a normal person you will not hear other people heartbeats .He also said that the sound of his heart kept getting faster and faster.

In this story the narrator is completely insane. He kills an old ma n because of his eye. He stalked the old man for a week straight. And he heard things like heartbeats. That is more than enough to prove someone is insane.
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