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David Baker
English 101
March 6,2011


There is one thing I hate and at the same time I also love it and this is money. It plays an important role in everyone’s life. Some people say that money is the root of evil and I agree totally, but at the same time I still love it because of what you can do when you have it .I have a list of things I worry about when I have money, but there are three main things I worry about the first is what important things I have to handle when I get the money. second is what will I need to buy when I get the money because I know most of the times when people get money they do things for themselves before they think of anyone else. Finally is what effect will the money have on you when you get it .
The first thing I worry about when I get money is what important activities will I need to do when I get the money. Well when you know your going to get some money or you know that you have money coming, it’s people you owe that you think of first so you won’t have them on your back in your business. In addition of the bills you have to pay nothing is free when it comes to phones, rent ,or even your car note . But most often its your family you have to give money to because their family and if you didn’t have it they would give you money.
The second thing I always worry about when I get money is what will I buy when I get the money. Most people I know go buy cloths and shoes getting sharp. They go buy new everything from socks to a new hat. Then you have the habits mostly everyone I know has at least one habit smoking ,drinking, or even gambling. Another thing you go and spend your money on is going out, you know taking your favorite person out for a movie or to dinner showing them a nice time. The most important thing I would go and buy is something nice for the love of your life reminding them how much you still care about them....

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