Ten Commandments of Small Business

Ten Commandments of Small Business

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The Ten Commandments of Small Business


I. Establish the Strategic Direction of the Company ... Mission Statement!
II. Build Loyal Employees
III. Hold Employees Accountable
IV. Continue Upgrading Management
V. Build Strong Relationships ... vendors, customers, and advisors.
VI. Keep Margins and Markups as Low as Possible
VI. Always Produce and Provide Quality
VII. Strive to be the "Low Cost" Producer
VIII. Grow ... but do so prudently and profitably.
IX. Create Excellence in Operations and Execution
X. Install a Management Process to Guide and Control the Company

XI. Thou shalt make a profit!!!

In the past years, research in the field of responsive business environ-
ments has had many successes. The most significant of these has been the
development of powerful new tools and methodologies that advance the sub-
ject of Business Intelligence (BI). This book provides the BI practitioner and
researcher with a comprehensive view of the current art and the possibilities
of the subject.
Dr. Raisinghani and his colleagues delight us with a breadth of knowl-
edge in Business Intelligence (BI) that ranges from the business executive view-
point to insights promised by text mining. The expert authors know that BI is
about reducing the uncertainties of our business world. A timely and accurate
view into business conditions can minimize uncertainty.
The reduction of business and technical risk is the central theme of this
text. If data gives us the facts and information allows us to draw conclusions,
then intelligence provides the basis for making good business decisions. Infor-
mation technology can help you seize the information that is available.

Intelligence involves knowing information about your competitors, such
as their profitability and turnover rate. The most important thing to gain from
intelligence is knowledge of customers and potential customers. This knowl-
edge will help you to better serve customers...

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