Ten Minute Left

Ten Minute Left

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“Ten minute left”

The thunderous sound of the invigilator could be heard all over the hall to announce the time left.

I was doing my last paragraph of my thousand word of essay to select which English will I be talking for my next two years. “Done!” shouted in my heart and that was the last time I was holing a pen for this test. Felling Board, so I look right and left, some of them are relaxing instead of rushing to finish their work, while some of them are putting their hand all over the table and resignation faces was shown.

Felling Curious about what will Ronaldo, the English master do. He was still doing his test with some resignation faces. It make me does not believe in myself whether I could pass this test and take “English as First Language” I look to the end of the hall where Warren seat, he does not even start doing his essay, the only thing he do is holding a pen and have a nice day-dreaming.

“One minute left”

The extremely loud sound from the invigilator which makes my ear to split, which also make the entire student rushing to write their last sentences.

“Time’s up! Put your pen down!” said the invigilator while his assistant collecting all the paper. Joyfulness and sadness could be shown in their entire eye, for me only time can tell if we are capable to take EFL or ESL.

Three week has passed, Tomorrow is the day where the teacher will post if we are accepted in the EFL class

The Day it self, my test code is 888, which is also a lucky number for me. Nervous was only the felling while I was walking towards the school. The notice board is full or people which makes me waiting for so long to just see my number. I was also finding my number and I shouted “ Yeah… I was accepted in the EFL class”. But in a sudden, I was called by my mother to wake up because today I have an “English Subject Selection Test” and I finally realize that it was just a dream.

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