Ten: Technology Electrocute Newspapers

Ten: Technology Electrocute Newspapers

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Is there a future of newspapers or any printed media? Nowadays, many people think that newspapers is no more needed as now we have the internet in which we can get information faster, detailed and mostly we can see the different views on different websites; however, I believe that newspapers can’t be replaced as it allows you to navigate through the news digesting every small detail to predict the upcoming consequences.

To begin with, newspapers are taken to be a trustworthy kind of media as it has known and mentioned sources supporting the news even if the news has lots of sides in newspapers it is known which person, community, company…etc. is supporting this side of the story which prevent confusion that might happen while using the internet as most of the time the source is unknown as well as the writer’s name which mostly leads to problems between uneducated people and can lead to a big crises. Isn’t it serious? So searching for information from the internet is a calculated risk.right?

As a result of everyday pressure people prefer the internet as they search for specific subjects they like or prefer to read in which over time it narrows the mind of people to be enclosed on specific type of information and here the advantage of newspapers shine as it has different kind of topics gathered together in one place that is near your hand, isn’t great? In this way, you kill two birds with one stone by expanding your knowledge and getting the information you might be searching for.

To sum up, in my opinion newspaper will never ever die they will adapt they just need time to get back on it’s feet.


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