Ten Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Our Lives

Ten Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Our Lives

Ten ways Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives

10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Our Lives.
I chose my title and my ten A.I.’s from discovery.com. I have read around 100 articles for this project and before I started I did not think A.I.’s existed yet. I was surprised to find that, there is a car in Nevada that drives itself. Earlier this year, the state of Nevada issued the first license for an autonomous car. Everywhere you turn A.I. is touching our lives, from the weather predictions to your spam remover on your email. “We have long suspected that intelligence is not exclusively a human quality, and that it is possible to build machines that can reason and learn as well as a human can. But what seemed straightforward at first has turned out to be surprisingly difficult.” Peter Norvig, New Science, Ashford Library. I found many different ways that A.I. will affect our lives but I chose these ten different ways.
Taming the Weather-

After researching Artificial Intelligence I came across many articles about the weather being predicted by A.I… They state that the software can sift through complex data and spot patterns missed by the human eye. The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence said that “when the software sees a big storm coming, it will automatically issue alerts to warn residents and the media, and this may help save lives.” The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research states that “A.I. working on weather predictions may benefit in crop development, forestry and agriculture. That it will be able to guide aircraft around potential storms and danger spots.” Recently Artificial Intelligence techniques have been used to forecast visibility, marine fog, precipitation, severe weather and other climatological conditions. D. Riordan and B. Hansen 2002.

Tackling Dangerous (or Boring) Tasks
“The US military is enjoying the benefits of robots since they can complete dull, dirty, or...

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