Tennis for Majors

Day and Time / Who Played
9/9/2013 5:00pm - Rafael Nadal def Novak Djokovic
9/8/2013 12:30pm - Serena Williams def Victoria Azarenka
9/7/2013 12:00pm - Novak Djokovic def Stanislas Wawrinka
9/7/2013 12:00pm - Rafael Nadal def Richard Gasquet
10 Things I’ve Learned
1. Most the time, the players carry more then one racket.
2. You must be quiet while a match is being played; Respect.
3. Professionals serve the ball over 100 mph.
4. There is a line judge for every line.
5. You have a limited amount of video replies you can use.
6. If the ball hit’s the line by the littlest centimeter it’s still in.
7. If you hit the net on an serve it’s called “let” or just a redo.
8. Windy days can often play a factor in ones play, even just a little.
9. Players are allowed injury timeouts.
10. The us open has “Overtime” set.
1. When / Why do they use video reply?
A: Video Reply is used after one game, if the line judge calls in or out the player is allowed an amount of replies to use if they believe otherwise.

2. Who is the person in the “High Chair” at the net?
A: The person in this chair is called a “Chair Umpire”. At the end of a match it is very respectful to shake his / her hand.

3. Explain what “Break Point” is.
A: Break Point is the opportunity to “break” your opponents serve. If you win “Breakpoint” you have successfully broken the others serve.

4. How often do the players change ends and when?
A: The players switch ends of the court every odd game. 1st, 3rd, 5th and so on.

5. What is “Holding Serve” or “Held Serve”.
A: Holding your serve means that you won your service game. It is a very important factor in the professionals more to the men’s side.

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