Teresa Lewis

Teresa Lewis

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Teresa Lewis
Guardian co.uk,24 September 2010

This article is about the first woman to be executed in Virginia since 1912.The article focuses mainly on her low IQ level and how she plotted to kill her husband and stepson.

The article gives an insight on Teresa death, in spite of protest from lawyers, celebrities and others who argued that she should have been given a lesser sentencing because of her low IQ.

My personal, response to the article, is that Teresa would have known the consequences of her taking part in the conspiracy to kill her husband and stepson, because although the media is portraying her to have a low IQ, she wasn’t blind to the fact that her role in this conspiracy isn’t bad, because she knew she had done something wrong.

She has committed a premeditated murder and knew exactly what she was doing regardless of her “mental illness”. It’s very easy to claim this as an excuse when facing justice.

But what we as a public is forgetting is that this woman have conspired with these two men to kill her husband and stepson whom she meant to love and is also her family all for the sake of money which is not right.

She did not deny that she has committed these heinous crimes. And whether or not you are a woman we must all face the consequences of our actions in life.

In conclusion I would like to say that two wrongs does not make a right and conspiring to kill someone is like you firing the bullet. Because you know what the others are about to do and conceal it and join in the act.

So personally I don’t think she should have been given a lesser sentence, because the instigator worst than the actual person who has committed the crime.

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