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Term Paper

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“A reaction paper in the different projects we did”

We all know that CWTS is all about community services. So I expected that we

will: clean some places or barangays near by; plant a tree; and helping other people who

are needs of help.

As the CWTS starts, in our first meeting, we planned so much things and our

main objective is to finish our entire project within this semester.

As the CWTS goes by, we are now in our first project and that was tree planting.

We did it at Brgy. Kalayaan at Angono, Rizal. When we arrive there, alot of members in

CWTS were complaining because of the heat of the sun, their outfit is not match with the

project we will do. And when we arrived at the gym of Brgy. Kalayaan, we were all

shocked for we thought that we will plant those three seedlings beside only that gym but

we need to plant it some where far from the gym so we started to walk. When we turned

our way, another complains you will hear because its really muddy and you have to

pass the bridge which made of long thin wood and small stones because there’s some

water ahead. After we passed those obstacles, we planted now those three seedlings. How

flattered we are when we finished those tasks. It’s really a nice adventure for us and a

great experience. It’s not only planting a tree but a survivor thing. We learn not to

complain at all and we must only focus on our goal and believe in ourselves that those

are not hindrances for us to failed.

Our second project is about white gifts. Mr. Fortades told us to bring some

donation like 1 kilo of rice and 2 can goods is enough. So when that day come,

I give my donation to my leader and approached me to sign in the attendance.

Its really easy and no effort at all but this project test you how generous your heart is.

I know for myself that I don’t did this just for the...

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