term paper

term paper

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Introduction of the Company

This is the age of advanced science and technology and life has eventually become very fast. So, with time people are becoming more and more time sensitive. These days they are not at all ready to spare extra time to spend in shopping. To overcome this problem “one stop shop / superstore” has been introduced as the complete shopping solution for the busy shoppers. In Bangladesh shopping for daily necessary goods is not an easy experience. Tremendous bargaining, intolerable noise, unhealthy environment and excessive crowd --- all have become a big problem now-a-days. “One stop shop / superstore” concept has been introduced in Bangladesh to avoid such rush and to do some relaxed shopping shop. Chittagong, the second largest city of Bangladesh with 30,00,000 people is also not far behind in this aspect. That’s why Wellmart – a new luxury departmental store has come up to meet the needs of the people of Chittagong.

Location of Wellmart
805/A, C.D.A Avenue, GEC Circle
East Nasirabad, Chittagong – 4000, Bangladesh
The reason behind choosing this location for Wellmart is because GEC is known as the heart of Chittagong. Moreover, Wellmart covers a vast area such as the North Kulshi, South Kulshi, Nasirabad, Gol-pahar, Mehadibag etc.
SWOT Analysis


Strength is an internal factor and skills that a company posses, which helps it to achieve its organizational goals.
 Location:

Location is one of the most important strengths of Wellmart. It covers almost 8 biggest areas of Chittagong such as Panchlaish, Sugondha, Nasirabad Housing Society, Hill View, Amirbag, Katalgonj, and Chalkbazar etc. For this reason we expect to pull together a huge number of potential customers.
 Customization:
The main target of “Wellmart” is to satisfy the customer expectation. By collecting feedback from the customer it is trying to improve the assortment and quality of its products and services. As for example, Wellmart...

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