Terrorism That Could Have Been Prevented

Terrorism That Could Have Been Prevented

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I feel that our nation has encountered terrorism that could have been prevented. Ever since the end of the Cold War, we have noticed a growing trend of smaller bands of groups wanting to take on the United States interests worldwide. These events seemed to culminate back in the 1970s when America came hostage in Iran. Iran held American personnel for over a year at the then US Embassy. Yet we ignored the signs that the terrorists were coming. America was more concerned with Soviet intentions and nuclear proliferation as if it were a game. We saw red in Vietnam, Africa and Latin America.

Then the United States had to overcome obstacles with the explosion of the Marine barracks in Lebanon. America had a rash of bombings at US Embassies and no reprisals. President Reagan did bomb Libya only to be attacked by Libyan agents by downing a Pan American plane over Scotland. It may seem earlier unexplained downed US carriers may have also met similar fates.

We are entering another status of not getting it, when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center the first time. Then other attacks on Americans began to mount and our intelligence was waiting for the end of the Soviet Union. It was at this point we are entering.

The Soviet Union provided America a cover from the rest of the world through the balance of power. We see now an imbalance due to political doctrine vs. theocracy. As Christian nations grow so is the Muslim world. The USSR provided America the ability to save time against other Islamic interests that the Soviet Union contained in Moscow.

An element of fear has come over many American people to a point where many are not supporting the Presidents effort to contain terrorism. We must look at our future with the goal to achieve peace not through necessary strength but through peaceful toleration.

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