Terrorism is showing its terrible teeth over and again. The recent attack on Paris is a fresh example that these terrorists are sans emotions and compassion. The come out and start killing people indiscriminately. Children, women, young and old are alike for them. They are fanatics whose job is to kill the people and spread terror in the world. No country in the world is untouched from terrorism. Terrorism - A Potential Threat

India has also been its victim for a very long period. There are many organizations active in the country. There are Pakistan sponsored terrorist organizations in Kashmir which are ready to cause unrest any time in any part of the country. They get financial support from their masters in Pakistan. No body can forget the 26/11 Mumbai attack in which more than 200 people had lost their lives.

All the terrorists except one were killed and the one who was arrested was hanged as per the Rule of the land. Now the question is – Who are these terrorists and why do they resort to violence ? These are the young men who are trapped by being enticed with money and other means of worldly pleasures. They are shown false dreams.

So poverty is one of the major factors behind such activities. Especially in cases of Naxals, this is a big reason. These Naxalites are active in the middle and middle east part of the country.

These shrewd and unscrupulous people also tap religion to bend the sentiments of the people , especially the young people who seem to be the easy target for such designs.

They are twisting the ideology by misinterpreting tenets of religion. The brains of these young people are washed completely and in the name of jihad, they are told to kill the innocent people. Sometimes these young people are enticed by money, other times they are told that Allah would greet them for such heinous crimes and the whores would welcome them in heaven. Now ISIS has become a great threat for the whole world. It is mushrooming in Syria, Iraq and...

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